POWER 10* - CMC’S Extra Heavy Duty 10 round Magazine - the POWER 10* magazine is the most recent addition to CMC’s Power Series of 1911 magazines. Consistent with the PowerMag* Series concept, the POWER 10* magazines are designed to significantly increase reliability and service life, even when kept fully loaded and seated in a pistol for extended periods.
CMC’s original 10 round design was hugely successful due to its sleek, compact design and reliability. If you liked our original 10 round magazines you’ll love the POWER 10*.
The POWER 10* magazine is designed to incorporate an additional three (3) coils of the aerospace grade Rocket Wire spring. This huge increase in spring power advances the reliability and service life of the POWER 10* to a whole new level.The integral base pad/base plate and shroud is completely removable for convenient cleaning and maintenance. This design has full-length engagement, front to back, between the magazine tube retaining lips and the base pad/base plate grooves to ensure maximum strength and reliability. The integrally molded shroud gives the elegant appearance of a standard magazine with an extended base pad attached, and to eliminate the exposure of any sharp metal edges on the bottom of the magazine tube.